A Definitive Ranking of Star Wars Jackets 

Han being Han in Empire
Such a g.

Jason Concepcion for Grantland:

Han wears this dark navy space-cotton windbreaker for basically the entirety of The Empire Strikes Back. Smart man. When you’re trying to smash with royalty, you want to look cool, of course, but equally important is looking like you don’t really give a shit if you smash or look cool. This jacket says, “I’m awesome, I know it, and so do you.” Han even wears it while being brutally tortured on Darth Vader’s rack-of-random-car-parts machine. It’s only toward the end of the movie, right before he’s about to be flash frozen, that Han takes the jacket off, probably because of carbonite’s tendency to cause colors to fade.

Concepcion gave Han’s outerwear the rank of #2, below Luke’s flashy, gold getup[1] from the end of Star Wars.

I disagree completely, but then again, I think Luke’s character isn’t nearly as likable as Han Solo. So there’s that.

  1. The Medal Ceremony from Star Wars:

    The Awards Ceremony at the end of A New Hope