Useful Safari Extensions

Safari Extensions
Safari Extensions

I’ve tried using other browsers, but ultimately, Safari is my go-to web browser on OS X. I’m so used to the Web Inspector in Safari that using Chrome or Firebox is just confusing (even though both were—at one time at leastWebKit-powered).

I’ve collected a few Safari Extensions that are useful, and wanted to share them here.

I shared one extension back in March of this year: the Minimal Status Bar for Safari by Visnup.

Note: this extension is now obsolete on El Capitan and above. But for Mac users on pre-10.11 versions of OS X, Visnup’s extension allows for a dynamic status bar (there when you need it, gone when you don’t).

I have two new extensions to share.

This was on Daring Fireball’s Linked List back in September. Here’s John Gruber’s explanation:

If you’ve ever tried dragging-and-dropping a URL from Google search results and getting a Google redirection URL instead of the actual URL you wanted (and Google’s JavaScript will show the actual URL in the status field if you hover over the link, so it’s impossible to tell that’s what’s going to happen), this extension is for you. There are obvious privacy benefits as well.

2. NoMoreiTunes Safari Extension

This came through the pipeline today, from The Sweet Setup. Here’s their explanation of NoMoreiTunes Safari Extension:

After you download and install [NoMoreiTunes Safari Extension], it will keep iTunes from launching whenever an iTunes link is clicked. You’ll be able to preview the app information along with reading some initial reviews. If you decide that you want to open the page in iTunes, there is a handy link in the NoMoreiTunes overlay at the top of the Safari window.

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