The Best Way to Check Your Internet Speed Is Dropping Adobe Flash 

Nick Statt, for The Verge:

Ookla’s Speedtest tool is the fastest and easiest way to check your internet speed, and it’s about to get even better when it stops relying on Adobe’s all-but-dead Flash platform and moves entirely to HTML5. Ookla is in the process of beta testing the new version of Speedtest, found here, with an all new design that’s noticeably more minimalist than than its current Flash-based site. The best part: you don’t need a resource-intensive plugin you don’t want to use.

Safari is likely the most-used app on my Mac. I used it a lot before getting into web design, and I use it even more now. I would never dream of using another browser, because no other browser renders as quickly on OS X as Safari.

That being said, I have Chrome installed on my Mac as well.


Because I occasionally stumble onto a site that uses Flash—Ookla has been in this came up until today. Because I didn’t want to slow down Safari (or the system) with the Flash plugin, I just used Chrome instead (it has Flash baked-in).

Ookla’s HTML5 switch means there’s one less site out there necessitating Flash support. And that means I’m that much closer to not needing Chrome anymore, either.