Watch One of Jon Stewart's Most Famous Moments: His Epic Crossfire Appearance 

Zack Beauchamp, for Vox:

“You’re partisan — what do you call it — hacks,” Stewart said, to a stunned Carlson and Begala. “Stop hurting America.”

I hadn’t seen this clip when it originally aired over 10 years ago. I watched Jon Stewart a bit in college, but then forgot about him when I “forgot” about the rest of television years ago.

This clip just about sums up everything that is great about Stewart. His crushing satire on Fox News and the rest of the conservative media is typically spot on. That said, his funnies on CNN are just as good. While he leans toward progressivism a great deal, he is quite the equal opportunity comic.

He will be missed.[1]

  1. And on the bright side, this might open up even more of an audience for John Oliver, who is just plain awesome.