Inquisitive: Behind the App 


Today Myke Hurley launched a new format for his podcast Inquisitive. He’s calling the series “Behind The App,” and this first episode features interviews with some of the Apple Development community’s finest,[1] including the following folks:

Marco Arment

Jason Snell

Matthew Bischoff

Guy English

Padraig Kennedy & Oisín Prendiville

David Smith

Greg Pierce

Inquisitive launched several months back when Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett formed Inquisitive continued where CMD+Space left off, featuring one-on-one interviews with prominent members of the Apple community.

Be sure to check it out the new Inquisitive in your podcatcher of choice!

  1. These guys also happen to be some of my favorite peeps to listen to on their own. So, this is bound to be amazing.