Vintage Logos 

A lot of these still look relevant today, over forty years later. I wonder which of today’s modern designs we will be talking about forty years from now?

I’m no designer, but I play a design fan on the internet occasionally. My wife actually studied this stuff in college, so it is completely proper for me to offer my opinion and expect you to think it legitimate.[1]

My all time favorite logo is that of FedEx.[2] Fast Company wrote an interesting piece[3] exploring a logo whose story has become a quintessential lesson in negative space and general design philosophy.

The iconic FedEx logo
The iconic FedEx logo

And here is an excerpt from Matthew May’s The Laws of Subtraction featuring a conversation with Lindon Leader, the designer of the logo:

We presented the whole of our work with no mention of the hidden arrow. Our goal was to not reveal it, to see if it got discovered. The global brand manager knew, of course, but kept the secret. Amazingly, Fred Smith was the only one to see the arrow right away. It’s probably why it won. Once everyone saw it, once they got the punch line, they loved it.

(From Daring Fireball)

  1. And the award for Sarcasm King™ tonight goes to me.

  2. How cliche, right?

  3. And here is relatively stupider one