Why Every Photo Storage Startup Dies or Gets Acquired 

Casey Newton for The Verge:

But the startups keep dying. First Everpix went under. Then Loom, a kind of infinite camera roll, sold to Dropbox and formed the basis for Carousel. Now Picturelife belongs to StreamNation, which aspires to become the hub for all your digital files: movies, music, and photos.

I remember being excited with I found Loom a while ago. It had a great premise: Everpix, but not dead. Well, guess what? They got dead. Sort of. Dropbox rolled Loom into their portfolio and launched Carousel, which was pretty terrible.

The general consensus amongst the Apple development corner of the internet is that everyone is waiting for Photos to launch.[1] From what I remember of WWDC 2014 and the September Event, it had some compelling features. Most importantly, though: it promised to just work. iPhoto is a behemoth approaching the size and bulk of iTunes. No one wants another iPhoto. I have been using iCloud Photos (Beta) for a while. It has worked well enough for me.

Let us hope that this extra time Apple is devoting to the Photos rollout will be for a good purpose.

  1. I would have included a hyperlink to the actual multi-platform Photos service, but Apple has since removed all mention of it on their website. Interesting.