Whistle Acquires Pet-Tracking Company, Raises $15M 

Somedays it is less hard than others, but every time I back out of the driveway to go to somewhere, and Smokey is not with me, I worry about him. I am not so worried about what might happen in the house while we are gone.

I am worried about what might happen to him if he gets out.

A few months back, I bought a Whistle Activity Monitor, in the hopes that I would be granted access to Whistle GPS.[1] Whistle had always envisioned being able to bring GPS tracking to pets. Apparently, the task was more than Whistle alone could handle, so they acquired Tagg, the foremost GPS-based pet tracking company.

I recall catching wind of Tagg at this year’s CES, and I had a rather opinionated take on their prospects. My thoughts were premised on the notion that Whistle GPS was going to be a thing, and based on the web/UI/UX differences between Whistle and Tagg (Tagg being the lesser), I assumed Tagg would flop:

@taggtracker Soooo @verge featured you for their #CES2015 coverage ... ... And your iPhone app is at least from 2011, if not earlier :/

— Anthony Craig (@ToniWonKanobi) January 6, 2015

The hope is that, a short time in the future, if we ever have to leave Smokey again, he will be much more retrievable than he currently might be, without GPS tracking.

This could change everything about leaving your pet behind.[2]

  1. Preview here

  2. Our plan is to someday bring Smokey and/or own baby children to the office, completely obfuscating the fear/anxiety parents have when leaving their kids.