My First Week Without an Apple Watch 

Panic’s Neven Mrgan, as sarcastic as ever:

I stayed up until midnight on launch day so I could order an Apple Watch and get it as soon as possible (late May). So, here’s my first week without an Apple Watch.

In photos, the case has a pleasant matte feel. Its weight is 30 g, which I imagine feels light (something like 4 ounces?)

After much debate, I went with the larger, 42 mm case. And I’m glad I did; the interface is just easier to read when I hold up my arm to a life-size image of the watch.

When choosing the band for my Space Gray Apple Watch Sport, I considered my clothes and other accessories I usually wear: my glasses, shoes, belts, etc. After careful analysis, I decided to order a brown leather strap—it would match my skin complexion and my mostly-brown-and-blue wardrobe.

That decision was then changed to “Black Sport Band”, because it’s the only option with the 42 mm black Space Gray Apple Watch Sport.

Siri is a crucial part of the Apple Watch experience. After a week of not owning the watch, I find that it’s much faster to pretend to invoke Siri than to pretend to launch apps from my wrist.

His final quip is the best:

I just want mine shipped already.

And here’s my situation:

Yep, still June. Sigh.
Yep, still June. Sigh.

(hat tip Mike Rundle)