Terminology for OS X Dictionary 

I’ve heard of Terminology for iOS before, but have never used it myself. This is probably because with few exceptions, all my writing takes place on OS X machines. If I were Federico Viticci, a dictionary app for iOS might make more sense.

Terminology integrates with OS X's three-finger tap (and Force Touch 'hard press')
Terminology integrates with OS X’s three-finger tap (and Force Touch ‘hard press’)

Yesterday, Greg Pierce of Agile Tortiose released a version of Terminology for OS X, which integrates with the built-in OS X Dictionary.app. Installation was a breeze, and I suspect my dictionary queries will be much more broadly covered than before.

Agile Tortiose is the same team that makes Drafts, a power-user note-taking app for iOS. Drafts is great because it launches with a blank note and the “cursor” ready to take typing inputs from the keyboard. I have gone back and forth between Drafts and Vesper (and Simplenote) over the past few years, ultimately settling[1] on Vesper for the typography.

(via Brett Terpstra)

  1. I’m never truly settled when it comes to apps.