Instapaper Launches Notes, Bringing Annotations to Articles 

Vittici's Instapaper Review
Vittici’s Instapaper Review

Federico Viticci of MacStories did a short write-up about today’s Instapaper update:

Instapaper is for readers. Whether it’s the clean typography with multiple theme choices, handy popovers for contextual footnotes, the ability to define words using Terminology, or highlights to save interesting passages, Instapaper exudes respect for the readers and the text they’re reading. As a reading environment, Instapaper has always felt superior to other save-for-later solutions on the market. As the web gets more cluttered and disrespectful towards users by the day, Instapaper continues to be a haven for people who care about words.

I’ll admit, I only started using Instapaper a couple years ago, once I learned that my podcast hero, Marco Arment, had developed the application. And years later, I am still using it, for the reason Viticci outlined above: Instapaper has the best reading experience of all the read-it-later services.[1] Today’s update from Betaworks continues the trend of truly useful additions to an app that I use every day. If you’re not an Instapaper user, now is the perfect time to check it out.

  1. Not to mention, it has my favorite font.