Sit in the Center of This Porsche 911 Like It's a Gosh Darn McLaren F1 

In 2012, the Porsche Club of America featured the first-ever Centro 911, a center-drive converted 997 cabriolet, eventually becoming a YouTube sensation.[1]

Trinity Motorsports designed that original Centro 911. Since then, they also developed a coupe version, currently for sale on Mecum Auctions.

Center driving position in the McLaren F1
Very McLaren F1-style.
Moving everything to the right
Not a hack job by any means. But not exactly OEM, either.

From the auction’s description:

The conversion includes a mechanism allowing the front seat to slide left to the driver’s door for ingress and egress.

Pretty neat. Although definitely not very McLaren F1-ish.

Mecum suggests that the car should go for something in the range of $85,000 to $115,000. Even for this one-off, that’s a lot of money. For that amount of coin, you could buy this and have a real daily / track-day weapon.

  1. “Sensation” in the most relative sense of the word when it comes to YouTube. At some ~50,000 views, this was PCA’s most popular YouTube upload. To put that into perspective, Chris Harris’s review of the Singer 911 for /Drive garnered around 27 times the amount of views that the Centro 911 collected to this date. Still, it was a popular video for PCA. No doubt about that.