Return of the Clones 

From the Star Wars YouTube channel:

Clone troopers were first introduced in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones as highly-skilled combatants that followed any order without questioning its morality. But that has slowly changed over the years, most notably with the character of Captain Rex in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Now everyone’s favorite clone is set to make his debut in Star Wars Rebels, and alongside him are two more Republic veterans who also don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with the Empire.

Rex and a few of his buddies.
Rex and a few of his buddies seem to be an integral part of Season 2

I watched the first few seasons of The Clone Wars.[1] Like many of the Apple blogosphere folks I follow, I’d like to think the prequels never happened. And when all the hubbub about The Force Awakens started to pop up earlier this year, I was happy to learn that much of the Expanded Universe (EU) was no longer going to be considered canon. But not for the reason you might think. I read some of the EU books as a teenager, and while some aspects of the story got to be a little out there, it was fun to imagine what Star Wars of the future could be.

Lucasfilm killing the EU wasn’t exciting for me because I hated the EU. It was good because I thought that also meant the prequel trilogy would not longer be canon either. Alas, it seems I was mistaken. Star Wars Rebels is official canon, so the inclusion of Ahsoka Tano and other The Clone Wars favorites sure makes me think that the prequel trilogy will also be canon.

Who knows—maybe Rebels can salvage some of the storylines wasted on the prequel trilogy.

[From Rebels Report]

  1. And even some of the first so-named series, which was totally better for the record.