Just Sit There and Drool Over the Gorgeous New Singer 911 

That rear fender flare though.
Dat rear fender flare doe

Michael Ballaban of Jalopnik got his hands on Singer’s newest reimagined 911, the “Manchester” car:

Singer’s famous resto-mod package comes with that fantastic pale green exterior (which the company calls “Wasabi”), a 4.0-liter 390 horsepower engine made by the hot rodders and engineers at Ed Pink Racing, mated to a six-speed transmission and limited-slip differential, and Ohlins-sourced adjustable suspension.

Unless I’m mistaken, this marks the first car to feature Singer’s 4.0 liter powerplant.

The rest of Ballaban’s post is just pictures of the Wasabi masterpiece. Here are a couple pictures that stood out to me:

4.0L of displacement Interior shot with Momo Prototipo wheel (not flat)
A shot of the engine bay showcasing the four liters of displacement, and an interior shot with the Momo Prototipo steering wheel (round—not flat).