Star Wars Rebels Season 2 News 

Darth Vader in Rebels
Surely Darth Vader will play a more prominent role in Season 2

And here’s more Season 2 news from Rebels Report:[1]

Dave Filoni hosts a special Season 2 preview on the Star Wars Rebels Season One blu-ray set.

Included in the preview he reveals some information:

  • What does Ezra do with his new power and how does he react when Darth Vader and new Inquisitors come into the picture?
  • The Inquisitor in season one was the “Grand Inquisitor,” the Inquisitors in season two were ranked below him.
  • Sabine changes her hair and armor because meeting Vader was such a harrowing experience
  • Zeb has an “awakening” in season two and comes into a better understanding of what happened to his people and who his adversary really is.
  • A better back story on Hera, who her father is, what is the situation with her father, where she came from and her people.
  • A great new bounty hunter
  • There will be a Sabine/Kanan episode, which will feature some “more Mandalorian things” that will go on.
  • You will find out about Ezra and his parents
  • You will find out how Ahsoka and Rex effect the dynamics of the crew
  • You will find out, Does Ahsoka Tano know who Darth Vader is? Does Ahsoka ever confront Vader?
  • There is one character so exciting and so top secret he wouldn’t elaborate on besides saying it would have major ramifications on the future of our characters.

Sounds like Season 2 will answer a lot of the questions posed at the end of Season 1.

New episodes of Star Wars Rebels begin Wednesday, October 14 (9:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD.

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