Rudyfied: A Colorful Porsche Collector 


Here’s a guy who knows how to live. Rudy lives in Texas, and his goal is to own one of every color Porsche ever offered for both the 964 ad 993 generation 911’s.

This piece by eGarage doesn’t include what Rudy does for a living, but that’s not really important, is it?

How did Rudy get turned on to 911’s? Dude wanted to buy a 356 cabriolet for his wife. His car guy recommended a 964 cabriolet instead. Rudy drives the 964 for a while, then decides he needs a 964 coupe (still has that car too).

The rest is history 🇩🇪

My favorite quote:

It is a full time job. But I like it. It keeps me busy. Owning your own business is real stressful. So all day long I’m stressing. And when I come home—coming out there, cleaning them—that relaxes me. That takes my mind from what I do, to what I love to do [emphasis mine].

We all need that escape from work.

Work shouldn’t equal life.

I know lots of dentists who might disagree with me on that point.

But they’re idiots.

(From Jalopnik)