Porsche 911 R: Driving Purity 

Some bald guy,[1] for Carfection (previously known as XCAR), on the new 911 R:

[There] is a problem with [the 911 R].

And that problem is the purists. Because the purists, well, they want the same thing they’v always had.

The problem with the purists is that, well, they—like me—can’t afford to buy new cars—especially cars like this.

So what manufacturers have done is they’ve geared their new cars towards the people who actually can afford to pay for them when they’re new, rather than the used market.

And those people—a lot of them just don’t care about the purity [emphasis added]

And that about sums up the decades-long trend of `pure` sports cars slowly disappearing.

  1. I really did try to find his name. But, alas, like a lot of multi-person YouTube channel teams compromised of nameless presenters, “bald guy” was the best I could do.