This Is the Best Thing About the Tesla Model 3 

Tesla Model 3 (From AutoGuide)
Tesla Model 3 (From AutoGuide)

Tom McParland, for Jalopnik:

Tesla’s direct sales model means that a dealer will never be able to sell a $35,000 Model 3 for $50,000, because out of the 276,000 people that are interested there will be at least a few hundred willing to pay the extra $15,000 to get one in their driveway.

I hadn’t thought much about this previously. But after reading McParland’s post, it’s pretty amazing that Tesla is going to do this.

I’ve heard of Porsche marking-up the upper echelon GT cars, but I hadn’t realized it was as bad as it is.

Kudos to Tesla for disrupting at all levels of the car industry—the pump and the dealership.