Los Angeles Bans Sale of Bred Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits 

Baby Smokey
Baby Smokey

Anna Starostinetskaya, for VegNews:

The Los Angeles City Council recently voted 12–0 to ban the commercial sale of all non-rescued cats, dogs, and rabbits. A temporary ban on bred animals was in place in the city since 2013 and set to end on June 30. However, on April 20, council members voted to reinstate the ban permanently. The ordinance encourages city pet stores to hold adoption events for rescued animals and instead make their profits from companion-animal supplies.

While this doesn’t stop the private (i.e., “traditional breeder’s”) sale of bred animals, it does go a long way to stop the commercial sale of animals at pet stores.


Got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time

(From V-dog)