The Best-Designed Bible App for iOS is NeuBible 

Hoefler & Co. typeface? Yes please.
Hoefler & Co. typeface? Yes please.

I don’t read the Bible enough. That’s mostly because I’m lazy. But it’s partly because I think the Bible’s full of antiquated stories that, for the most part, have no bearing on our current state of post-modern existence.

That said, I think do there’s a lot of good that can come from reading it—especially the New Testament.[1]

Bradley Chambers over at The Sweet Setup chose another app for his overall best Bible app. But what he should have chosen was NeuBible.[2]

Why? Because it’s the best-designed, hands-down.

It reminds me of Supertop’s podcast app, Castro: chalk-full of non-stock UITableView elements and animations. Most people could care less about such polish, but it’s really important to me.

What I love most about NeuBible is its inclusion of Hoefler & Co.'s slab serif, Sentinel (pictured above). (Remember: I love Hoefler & Co. typefaces.)

Get NeuBible here.

  1. The New Testament focuses mostly on the life of Jesus, whose philosophies are much more in line with my personal version of God.

    This is somewhat different from the Old Testament, whose depiction of God is vindictive and mean, at least in my opinion.

  2. To be fair, he did choose it as his runner-up.