More Chris Harris, Please.

We want more of this, please.
We want more of this, please.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s been happening with Chris Harris lately:

  1. He joined BBC’s revamped Top Gear for this past season
  2. The show sucked, mostly because it focused on idiots instead of actual drivers/cars like Harris
  3. BBC knows this.
  4. BBC offered up Extra Gear—likely to appease Top Gear viewers who care more about motorsport than TV show personalities
  5. Fans loved it!
  6. BBC knows this.
  7. BBC further embraced Harris with a new series entitled “Chris Harris on Cars,” which is—if you remember—the same name of a YouTube channel Neil Carey put on for Harris

So, if you want to watch Chris Harris, there’s Extra Gear, and then revamped Chris Harris on Cars, now on BBC America. The former is on iTunes, but alas, the latter is not. (Thanks BBC America 🇬🇧) Hopefully it will be at some point, otherwise it’s a no-go for us cord-cutters.[1]

  1. That is, unless you have a family member who’s not a cord cutter 😉