iOS 10's Stickers Are Reason Enough to Upgrade

Yes, there's a Porsche-themed Sticker pack 🇩🇪
Yes, there’s a Porsche-themed Sticker pack 🇩🇪

I’ve been using iOS 10 since the first Public Beta landed this past summer. As I’ve said before, this release seems to be a step in the right direction for iOS—Apple has restored some of the visual affordances that were starkly stripped away in 2013 with iOS 7.

That said, Stickers caught me completely off-guard.

Like, Take My Money Right Now™ off-guard.

Hearing about it at WWDC is one thing. Actually playing with them and using them in Messages—that’s something else.

Since Stickers developers started offering packs on the App Store yesterday, I think I’ve already dropped nearly $10.

Here are some of my favorite packs so far:

  1. Star Wars

    They're like GIFs!
    They’re like GIFs!

    No well-rounded iOS 10 Stickers collection would be complete without some animated Star Wars characters.

  2. Alto’s Adventure

    🐪 (⬅️ Not a llama emoji)
    🐪 (⬅️ Not a llama emoji)

    Who doesn’t love Felipe? This set is available for free, and comes packaged with the latest update for Alto’s Adventure, 1.4.

  3. Snacks

    These look good enough to eat.
    These look good enough to eat.

    This pack is from Parakeet. Some of them might look familiar, because Louie Mantia and Alexa Grafera have been creating delicious-looking illustrations for a while.

  4. Pixel World

    Retro indeed.
    Retro indeed.

    The Iconfactory released several Stickers Packs on Wednesday, but this is my favorite. I love the retro vibe; it’s very reminiscent of BitCam.

  5. Automoji for Porsche

    Can you tell which Sticker Pack is my favorite?
    Can you tell which Sticker Pack is my favorite?

    I was wondering if there would be a Porsche-themed pack, and lo and behold: a Porsche Motorsport retweet alerted me to this set by Kevin McCauley.

There’s bound to be more in the upcoming weeks.

If you haven’t already climbed aboard the iOS 10 train, do so now.

Stickers alone make it a worthwhile upgrade.