How Michael Scott Makes Sales, and the Everlasting Gift That Is The Office

Check out this think-piece by Like Stories of Old, one of those new-ish YouTube channels that analyze slash provide commentary on pop culture staples:

The premise of the video wasn’t particularly ground-breaking, and the author’s choice of inspirational background music is kind of silly.

But that’s not why I shared it.

"That's our building"
“That’s our building”

I shared the video because it reminded me of something:

The other day, I did a new patient exam on 20-something-year-old female college student. After talking with her for a while, I learned that she had plans for medical school, and was spending her summer interning at NASA. (NBD, right?)

What was most interesting about our conversation is that after some routine small talk, she sort of randomly volunteered that she watches The Office on Netflix “on repeat.”

This was interesting, because I never really hear young people talking about The Office.

And what’s doubly interesting is that we watch it on repeat too![1]

"And I never got caught neither"
“And I never got caught neither”

Whenever the topic of TV comes up in conversations with other people, I invariably mention The Office. I can say that it is my favorite TV show of all time.

I’m not sure what exactly what makes it so enjoyable. But I know I’ve partially articulated it previously.

Here’s me a couple months ago:

But my subsequent viewings of The Office were more nuanced. Sure, the show is a comedy. There’s no changing that. But there are also some really heartfelt moments that sort of get glossed over the first time through.

The Office is just the perfect amalgamation[2] of silly and heart.

  1. We currently alternate between Seasons 1-7 of The Office (the last two seasons without Steve Carell suck), and Seasons 1-6 of Gilmore Girls (the last season of Gilmore Girls sucks).

  2. Sorry, I couldn’t help but insert another meaningless dental reference (😷)