Hi. I’m Anthony 🤓

Allison and I ❤️
Allison and I ❤️

I’m a professional by day, nerd by night. TheOverAnalyzed is a website about technology (mostly Apple), design, pop culture, motorsports, and watches. Also Star Wars—lots of Star Wars.

How This Came to Be

After months of hearing on my favorite podcast various advertisements for Squarespace, I took the plunge and started my own blog in early 2014: TheOverAnalyzed. I had no formal web development or design background, but I am a quick learner and a pretty well-rounded nerd. Blogging seemed like an outlet as well as a way to learn some new things.

I eventually found that even on Squarespace’s Developer Platform, not everything was open for tweaking. I wanted something better, but wasn’t sure I had the skills to leave a CMS and take on a self-hosted website.

In early 2015, I caught wind of Casey Liss’s blogging engine, Camel, which he open-sourced months earlier. With the option for an alternate RSS feed and the openness of a completely customizable platform, I knew that was the direction I would eventually head. I procrastinated for a month before finally starting work on Version 3.0 of the site.

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The author @ToniWonKanobi
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The author ToniWonKanobi


The author ToniWonKanobi


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