Hi! I’m Anthony, and this is my blog 🤓


I’m a tooth professional by day, and a nerd by night.

TheOverAnalyzed is a website about technology, design, pop culture, and more.

How This Blog Came to Be

After months of hearing on my favorite podcast various advertisements for Squarespace, I took the plunge and started my own blog in early 2014: TheOverAnalyzed. I had no formal web development or design background, but I am a quick learner and a pretty well-rounded nerd. Blogging seemed like an outlet as well as a way to learn some new things.

I eventually found that even on Squarespace’s Developer Platform, not everything was open for tweaking. I wanted something better, but wasn’t sure I had the skills to leave a CMS and take on a self-hosted website.

In early 2015, I caught wind of Casey Liss’s blogging engine, Camel, which he open-sourced months earlier. With the option for an alternate RSS feed and the openness of a completely customizable platform, I knew that was the direction I would eventually head. I procrastinated for a month before finally starting work on Version 3.0 of the site.

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