The Apps I Use

  • Byword for static content such blog posts. I’ve tried plenty of other text editors—including the text editor in which I do all my front-end stuff—and they just never quite do it for me. Byword is by far my favorite for just writing text

  • Atom for front-end coding and web design

  • CodeKit is a great utility for compiling Sass/SCSS down to “regular” CSS for the browser. It adds browser prefixes to declarations as well. I probably wouldn’t use a CSS extension without an app like CodeKit to help me

Technical Underpinnings of TheOverAnalyzed


  • TheOverAnalyzed is presently hosted on Heroku, though I often consider something fully static, like a-Jekyll setup


  • The domain name registration and DNS are through Hover
  • I briefly switched to DNSimple to try out SSL, but it’s so much easier when Hover does everything


  • Before 2016, almost of the images and videos are served via Droplr embeds. This has always been sort of hacky, since Droplr never intended to support media embeds for grandfathered “Lite” users like me. I’ll switch those out eventually
  • From about 2016 onward, most all of the media on the site is self-hosted (/images), except big photos taken with my Leica, and/or <video> embeds (since they’re so huge)

Web Standards

  • To my knowledge, TheOverAnalyzed should conform to HTML5 web standards (😅)
  • And its CSS should validate as well (🤞🏼)
  • If you find that an area of the site does not perform as expected, please contact me[3]

Useful URLs


  • Ever want to know am I doing now? Think Twitter owns too much of the internet already? Check out the /now page. It’s what was before existed 🙃


  • Tags help group similar posts together, and even if my readers care less about them, I use them often enough when referencing prior posts


  • When the stars align, I provide “coverage” (snarky commentary) of live events such as WWDC on Twitter


  • Yes, I do have an email newsletter.
  • Perhaps you’ve searched everywhere for a particular post, but still can’t find a link you’re looking for? If so, the post might be here

Markdown Source

  • This is so cool. You can see how the sausage is made 🌭 Just can append .md to the end of any URL to see the actual Markdown source for that page[4]

  1. 👋🏼

  2. Like this

  3. Just to be safe, try to use a non-crappy web browser—that helps tremendously

  4. You can do something similar to this on Daring Fireball