Apps I Use

Almost all of the writing, design, and development for TheOverAnalyzed happens on my Mac. I use Byword for static content such blog posts. I’ve tried plenty of other text editors, but Byword is by far my favorite.

I use Atom for all the coding and design.

Occasionally I have to fix a post on my iPhone. I use Byword for that as well.


This site is based on Casey Liss’s static blogging engine, Camel. I use a forked version of that project, which includes provisions for tags and a sitemap. From there, I tweaked Camel with additional markdown-it plugins, including the following:

TheOverAnalyzed is presently hosted on Heroku, though I often consider Jekyll. (I mostly withstand the urge to switch out of laziness). The domain name registration and DNS are through Hover. The media within posts form about 2016 onward are under the /images/ slug (self-hosted). Conversely, most of the media within posts before 2016 are served via Droplr embeds. I’ll switch those out eventually.

To my knowledge, this site should conform to HTML5 web standards, and its CSS should validate as well. If you find that an area of the site does not perform as expected, please contact me. Just to be safe, try to use a non-crappy web browser—that helps tremendously.

Useful URLs


What am I doing now? Check out the /now page


Tags help group similar posts together, and even if my readers could care less about them, I use them often enough when referencing prior posts.


When the stars align, I provide “coverage” (snarky commentary) of live events such as WWDC on Twitter.


For the less nerdy reader, I do have an email newsletter.

Perhaps you’ve looked high and low in a search engine and still can’t find a link you’re looking for? If so, the post might be here.

Markdown Source

You can append .md to the end of any static page (such as a blog post) URL to see the actual Markdown source for that page